Long Travel Sand Rail
4 Seat, Honda V6 Engine

$18.5K OBO
Old School Dune Buggy
4 Seater, Beam Style

$8,500 OBO
Challenger FLT-4 /JM
LS427 w/4.0 Whipple Supercharger 800HP

$ 120K OBO
LS-1 w/ CAM Engine, Mendeola S4S, 515 HP

$ 46.5K OBO
Dominator FLT-5 /HM
LS-3 Engine, Mendeola S4S, 480 HP

$ 55K OBO
Dominator LT-5 /M
LS-1 Engine Cam, Mendeola 2D, 450 HP

$ 43K OBO
Dominator LT5-ST_01-copy
LS1 Engine, Mendeola 2D

Suspensions Unlimited
4 Seat, Honda 3.5 V6 Engine

$34.9K OBO
4 Seat, LS-1 Engine, 2D Mendeola

$28K OBO
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Buy With Confidence

We are very selective as to which used, pre-owned sand rails we sell. We will never list a sand rail that we would not buy ourselves. All sand rails listed meet our high quality standards in structure, equipment and safety, which is our number one priority.

We have over 30 years of experience in the sand rail industry. We have work not only on our sand rails but on most other makes and models and that has given us an extensive knowledge to know most sand rails out there.

Get Price Confidence

Sand Rail does not own the vehicles listed in this page but before listing a sand rail we conduct a valuation of the sand rail and compare it to similar listing in various sites.

We evaluate different aspects of the sand rail; make, model, equipment and condition. We will only list sand rails that have pass our inspection. Any issues found during our inspection are reported to the seller along with recommended fix before listing.

It is often the case where the seller is unable to address the issue but the sand rail is still a good buy. When this happens, Sand Rail Fabricators will disclose all issues and inform potential buyers in advance; therefore buyer can make an informed decision to whether or not purchase the sand rail.

We are looking out for both, Seller and Buyer. We make sure the seller gets a fair market value for his sand rail and at the same time buyers can rest assure that they’re getting their money’s worth.

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