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Who We Are

There are many companies that do what we do, they share the same work, the same passion; they build, eat and breathe sand rails. So what makes SandRail Fabricators different? 

Undoubtedly, the demands and needs of today’s sand rails have reached new limits and have driven many builders to focus on building up merely a brand to profit from this rush but have forgotten the true essence of the sport in the process.

To us, sand rails are not our job, sand rails are our way of life. 

We, SandRail Fabricators, have grown from a small business into the company we are today by staying true to our original goals of putting safety, quality and performance above all. 

We are a family own and operated company.  Established in 1998 SandRail Fabricators is dedicated to build sand rails that are built better than all of our competition’s sand rails. We have a variety of sand rail models that have been engineered and manufactured to withstand the most aggressive driving while maintaining passenger’s safety as number one priority.

While other sand rails appear to be the finest, they lack a soul. As a family business that we are, we put our experience, our effort and our complete soul into each and every sand rail we built; these key factors along with our customer’s own touch are the secret to building a sand rail that is completely unique.

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