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APPAREL BOMBARDMENT VEHICLE (BL-ABV) From concept to reality. Fusion Marketing concepted the idea, only SandRail Fabricators Inc. was able to make it a reality. A total of 24 ABVs produced and shipped across the country. The #BudLightBuggy has revolutionize the marketing world. Equipped with a t-shirt gatling gun, lunching your promotional apparel has never been this exciting. 


Thousands of people have spotted the Bud Light Apparel Bombardment Vehicle across the country in major events; baseball games, ice hockey games, concerts and parades to name a few. 


Want to reach increase your audience and make an impact? The ABV can make that possible.  



The 12 Shot T-shirt gutling gun makes lunching your promotional apparel easy, the Apperal Bombardment Vehicle (ABV) makes it incredibly spectacular. 

The ABV can be equipped with a variety of accessories such as custom sound system, lighting of your choice and any other special equipment to fit your needs. 


Built with everything you need to drive in the city, the ABV is equipped with an automatic transmission and a 4 cyl. engine, the ABV can be operated by anyone, with a valid driver license that is.

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